Keystone Begins Its Next Chapter

Keystone celebrated its 25th anniversary in September 2016.  As someone who was there in the beginning, I can say that the time went by very quickly.  Over that time, we have worked to make the lives of all of those who have encountered us better for the experience.  Our founding objectives have helped us focus on the right path to take when faced with the inevitable difficult choices.  The path to achieving these objectives has not always been a straight line, but we have succeeded more often than not.  When we look back at what we have achieved together, we are staggered by our progress and excited about the prospects that lie ahead.

On a personal level, it has been my privilege to lead such a great firm, and I am profoundly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such an incredibly talented and high-quality group of co-workers.  It is time for me to give someone else the opportunity to do so and lead Keystone in its next chapter.  I have chosen Amar Shah to be that person.   Amar combines a “true north” of what is right, with the intellect, compassion and experience that will help him and the firm experience great success in the future.  Besides that, just like me, he has the benefit of a truly better half that will ensure that he fulfills that future!

The list of those I need to thank is longer than space allows.  At the top of that list however, are my wife and kids who were incredibly patient and supportive during my journey.  As they say at Camp Nebagamon, "keep the fires burning."


-Andy Rolfe

On behalf of everyone here at Keystone, I would like to thank all of our clients and partners we have had the privilege to serve over the last twenty-five years.  We truly appreciate the trust you place in our firm.  I am very fortunate to be surrounded by an incredibly talented team, starting with our Director group and leadership team, many of whom have been with Keystone for more than a decade.  Thanks to Andy’s leadership, our guiding principles have always and will continue to drive our actions.  We look forward to continuing to make a positive difference in each of your lives.

-Amar Shah

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