The Keystone Group cordially invites you to:

 The Ninth Annual
Charity Softball Tournament

To Benefit Camperships for Nebagamon
In Honor of Michael N. Rolfe

Friday, September 20, 2019
Lincoln Park South Fields Athletic Area (Fields 1 & 2)

1627 N. Stockton Dr.
Chicago, IL 60614

Address detail below

Games Start at 11:00 am
Lunch Served at 10:30 am - 2:30 pm     
Trophy presentation to follow games

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The Tournament


We at The Keystone Group and Camperships for Nebagamon appreciate your interest in our upcoming charity softball tournament.  For the past 19 years, we have supported Camperships for Nebagamon through a charitable event, and this year will be our ninth charity softball tournament.  As before, all funds raised will go to Camperships for Nebagamon.


Last year's tournament was a success on all accounts: we donated almost $20,000 to a great cause and organized a fun day for all. We were proud to have created a fun, yet competitive, and communal atmosphere at the event in the spirit of what Camperships for Nebagamon is all about.







2018 Champions (CIBC)


Event Details

  • This is a co-ed 16'' charity softball tournament.

  • We welcome full teams, partial teams, and individual players to join the festivities. If you are a partial group or an individual, we will pair you up with other generous participants to complete your team prior to the event.

  • Each team will play a minimum of 2 games and a maximum of 3 games depending on record.

  • Park regulations prohibit alcohol at the field or premises. 

  • There will be paid umpires for each field.

  • We will be running a 50/ 50 raffle this year on the day of the tournament. Any raffle ticket purchases, donations or entrance fees can be collected before, on the day of, or after the event. When the participants check in we will log this detail along with their contact information and follow up with the participants to collect at a later date if needed.

  • There are two fields near to each other being utilized throughout the day so there will be down time between games to eat, relax, and commiserate.


  • We will be utilizing 16” softballs for the tournament.  Gloves are not typical for 16” and are discouraged; but they are allowed.

  • We encourage co-ed teams with a starting lineup of 10 players and suggest a minimum of two males and two females on the field at all times if possible.  Teams without at least two males or two females on the field will only receive two outs (batting) in the 2nd/4th/6th innings.  E.g., a team with less than two males, or less than two females, on the field in the first inning will only receive two outs (as opposed to three outs) while batting in the 2nd inning (same rule applies in the 4th and 6th  innings (and 8th if there are extra innings)).

  • Each team shall consist of ten (10) fielding players. At least eight (8) players are required to start and finish a game. A pitcher and catcher are required. If eight players are available at game time the game shall begin. If there are not enough players, please speak with the tournament organizer to try and find additional players. 

  • Teams are allowed an unlimited number of batters in the line-up.  The batting order may not be changed during the game.

  • Games will be seven innings. No inning will start later than 55 minutes after the first pitch of the game. The inning being played at the 55 minute mark will be finished (top and bottom of inning). 

  • Ball and Strike count will start at 1 Ball and 1 Strike.  Once a batter has 2 strikes, they are allowed 1 foul ball, and are out on a subsequent foul ball.

More details will be communicated to the individuals and team leads as we get closer to the event such as parking and seating detail. We look forward to seeing everyone at the event and to a great day of softball for all!  

Keystone & CFN


Camperships for Nebagamon holds a special place in the heart of Andy Rolfe, the Founder of The Keystone Group. Both he and his dad, former Keystone Director Mike Rolfe, were campers and eventually counselors at Camp Nebagamon for a significant part of their formative years. Even though their time at the camp was separated by almost 30 years, Andy and Mike always felt that they were provided a wealth of experience and relationships that helped shape each of them as an adult. 

After Mike’s untimely passing in 1999, it was easy to look back at the countless people he so positively impacted, including all those that had the privilege to work with him at Keystone.  He would be heartened to know that a charity tournament held in his honor provided the same types of opportunities to children that would have not otherwise been so fortunate.











A Letter from the CFN President

The first thing most people who step foot into Camp Nebagamon see is a large sign that reads, "This Shall Be A Place of Welcome For All" in 24 different languages. Thanks to the generosity and support of The Keystone Group and everyone who attended last year’s Softball Tournament and prior to that the Mike Rolfe Golf Outing, Camp Nebagamon and Camperships for Nebagamon's second partner camp, Camp WeHaKee, have been able to welcome many new campers from very different walks of life into their families.

Your support has enabled many children to build new skills and friendships that will change their lives forever. During summer 2019, we expect to help send more than 60 boys and girls to Camp Nebagamon and Camp WeHaKee combined. Both camps are close to achieving the goal we set in 2005 to have at least 15% of their campers on financial assistance. This serves to enrich the camp environment while providing a unique experience for children who might not otherwise have the opportunity to attend summer camp.

The Michael Rolfe Charity Outing has been a huge factor in our being able to assist the camps in reaching this goal, with proceeds supporting hundreds of campers since CFN’s inception. On behalf of the Camperships for Nebagamon Board of Directors, we offer our sincerest gratitude and look forward to seeing you at the Ninth Annual Charity Softball Tournament in September.

Thank you for helping keep these camps A Place of Welcome for All.

Dan Levis
CFN Board President

About CFN


Camperships for Nebagamon (CFN) is a charitable institution (qualified under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue code) which provides children from diverse ethnic, geographic, and socioeconomic backgrounds the opportunity to attend summer camp.  Founded in 1995, CFN recognizes the potential of a summer camp experience and feels that financial restraints should not hinder a child from receiving the lifelong benefits of such an experience. This has helped more than 420 deserving boys and girls to attend independently-owned summer camps that CFN sponsors.

In its 19 years, the Michael N. Rolfe Charity Events have donated nearly $430,000 for CFN.  Your continued participation and charitable support will help CFN make this summer camping experience possible for many more deserving children.



Camp Testimonials


“The benefits of the CFN program are far reaching and profound.  Clearly, the most obvious benefits come to the boys that come to camp on a CFN scholarship.  The opportunities that camp affords these boys that they would not otherwise have are life changing.  They play, they learn and they grow in immeasurable ways.  Yet, perhaps more significant is the benefit that Nebagamon reaps from the inclusion of CFN boys into the program.  The addition of boys from different backgrounds, be they ethnic, racial, or socio-economic, deepens and broadens the Nebagamon experience in so many ways.  It is perhaps the best embodiment of one of Nebagamon’s most valued ideals This Shall Be A Place of Welcome for All…”

--- Adam Kaplan, Nebagamon Director


"The two greatest gifts I received from camp were the ability to work with people different than myself and the drive to pursue higher education.  I would not have developed those traits had I not attended Camp Nebagamon."

--- Former Campership Recipient


"Attending Camp WeHaKee has given me an opportunity that I couldn't have obtained anywhere else.  Throughout the five years that I have spent at Camp WaHaKee, I have had experiences that have been very influential in my life.  I know that having these skills will help me better my life and raise my confidence level."

--- WeHaKee Camper

"This experience has profoundly changed Michael.  He has a new found confidence and displays leadership and self-sufficiency.  I could not be happier about what Nebagamon has done for him."

--- Parent of Camper

"In today's diverse world, to be relevant in youth development, the relationships we build need to be real - they need to reflect today's neighborhoods, workplaces, and communities.  If we are to provide youth an experience that will truly build their self-confidence, help them strengthen life skills and guide them in their understanding of their potential role in the future - it is obvious that campers and staff need to reflect the world we live in.  Diversity is about community, belonging, richness - about growth and understanding.  Simply stated, diversity is the camp experience.  At the heart of that experience is building relationships.  It is what camps do best (or think we do best)." 

--- Maggie Braun, WeHaKee Director

"Thank you for giving Toby the opportunity to participate in Camp Nebagamon.  He had an outstanding time and came away knowing more about himself.  The trip he went on made him aware of the beauty of the earth.  It made him aware of skills he had that he did not know he had."

--- Nebagamon Parent from a Previous Summer

Address Detail for Lincoln Park South Fields Athletic Area (Fields 1 & 2)

1627 N. Stockton Dr. 

Chicago, IL 60614

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