Grow Your Skills Faster

"The exposure I've had to all aspects of business -- Finance, Sales, Operations -- combined with significant responsibility on each project has provided me with an unparalleled opportunity for growth."


- Evan Farrell, Principal


Analysts with The Keystone Group are expected to be an integral part of the engagement team and take on a significant amount of responsibility early in their careers. As an Analyst, you will undertake a variety of tasks: gathering and analyzing data, communicating findings, recognizing areas of opportunities, assisting in the development of recommendations, and working with client personnel to implement solutions.


Associates with The Keystone Group are expected to take a substantive role in consulting engagements and obtain a tremendous amount of responsibility from day one. On any given engagement, an Associate will undertake a variety of responsibilities which can range from: analyzing data, recognizing problems, identifying and prioritizing opportunities, assisting in developing recommendations, and working with the team in implementing solutions.


A Principal is responsible for leading the day-to-day activities of the projects, developing marketing relationships to secure new business, helping write proposals to close new business, and helping develop more junior staff. On any given engagement, a Principal can be responsible for a variety of tasks including: recognizing core problems, identifying and prioritizing opportunities, developing recommendations, implementing solutions, and selling additional work.


As a key leader of the firm, a Partner has an impact at every stage of an engagement and every level of the firm. As a Partner, you will be responsible for the professional development of the firm's employees and the continued growth of the firm’s client base.  

Career Progression

Because growth is driven by your performance, there is no fixed length of time you're required to stay at a particular level. You'll be rewarded for your growth -- Keystone is a true meritocracy. Through hard work and proven results, you can quickly increase your responsibility and advance within the firm. At Keystone, we strive to create an environment where each individual has every opportunity to be successful. You'll be given significant responsibility and will be an integral part of the project team, regardless of your title.

Mentoring & Coaching


Keystone's mentorship program allows junior staff to learn and develop with the guidance of a Partner. Although every mentoring relationship is unique, you'll have an opportunity to meet with your mentor at least once per quarter. You'll have the opportunity to ask questions, seek advice and share professional goals in a safe atmosphere. Your mentor is there to provide critical feedback, assistance in professional development, and act as your advocate during year-end performance discussions.



Keystone also offers a more informal program, where new hires are matched with a "coach" who is typically one level higher. The coaching program is designed to accelerate your successful integration into the firm. Having recently been in your position, your coach will be able to provide you with relevant insight to help you succeed.

Training & Development


The Keystone Group prides itself in providing impactful, challenging, and dynamic project opportunities for our consultants. One of the great advantages of the small team structure is that every person on the team will have tremendous responsibility and ownership of the success of the project. As a result, every person at every level is continually learning and adding to their professional tool kit.


Particularly in recent years, Keystone has worked hard to create a culture of development. In addition to regular on-the-job feedback, a performance review is completed by the project Director after every engagement. By better understanding your strengths and weaknesses in a timely manner, you can more quickly build your skills and grow professionally.


To supplement the extensive experience gained on projects, Keystone also has a formal training program. Covering a variety of topics, on-site training presentations are conducted throughout the year. Sessions are recorded and kept in our library of training resources for later viewing. Each training module also requires the completion of a mini project case.



The firm maintains an extensive intranet, where employees are able to learn about the firm’s practice offerings and the Keystone methodology, as well as review past projects and proposals. Additionally, Keystone allows you to share your learnings with the firm through monthly project updates, creating and conducting new training modules, and informally sharing your skills, challenges, and tools with others. At any one point, the firm has such a variety of projects that it is easy to learn something new every day.


"There are formal training programs to build a good foundation, but our work on projects covers many areas and is often unique. This makes on-the-job training and mentoring very important and a major focus at Keystone."

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